Healthy Spine Solution


I’ve discovered the following workout program and recommend it for my patients. It improves mobility, endurance, core strength and reduces pain. It is gentle enough for older patients or those with limited mobility. Yet, it is beneficial for even more active people.

This three month program starts off with very simple stretches and gradually progress each week. This program will greatly benefit anyone with chronic back or neck pain or other orthopedic conditions. It is non-impact and would be very unlikely to cause further injury.

Patients recovering from spinal surgery will also benefit, as this is ideal for back rehabilitation. Of course, verify this with your physician. However, most patients can begin this exercise program two weeks after surgery.

What is Tai Cheng?


Optimizing one’s health also involves consuming a healthy, well-rounded diet. Most of us do not consume the appropriate amount of vegetables and anti-oxidants. Buying vitamins and supplements individually can be very expensive. Additionally, you can never be certain as to the quality and potency of supplements bought over-the-counter. Seldom do physicians prescribe “supplements”, as we are not taught is medical school.

I recommend Shakeology to my friends, family and patients. It provides the nutritional substances that we lack with a typical diet. It can replace most OTC supplements and has very little medication interactions. With my busy schedule, my eating habits suffer; so I drink this daily myself.

What is Shakeology?

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